It's Time
To Get Organised

Are you reaching work burnout? Have an overflowing inbox or task list?

If so, this session is exactly what you need.

Each day we have a finite period of time in which to achieve our daily goals. With conscious planning, we can improve our efficiency and create the work/life balance we all strive for.

How It Works?

During this session, we will explore Nicole’s tried and tested methods to empower you to take control of your time and get organised.

You Are Now Ready To Take Control

Walking away with tools you can incorporate into your daily practice to Take Control of your Time in your work and personal life.

"Guess what I have been doing since our session? I grabbed my time diary – looked at what ‘MY’ ideal week would look like – proportion of hours spent to reoccurring tasks – and went nuts!! I have sent an email to my team so they know what I am up to and encourage them to do the same."
23rd September 2020


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About Your Presenter

Nicole Smith is an operations procedures and systems designer, and the founder of The Artisans Business Solutions.

Working with small businesses, Nicole reviews their practices and develops customised, strategic procedures that save time, reduce costs, support positive business performance and ultimately design the business that aligns with the life you want to be living.

"I look forward to working through this with you all."

"Nicole, OMG I have had the most productive day. I’m doing really well with the blocking and scheduling as you suggested. I got sooo much work done it’s crazy"
Erin Hardy
The Excel Lady

Take Control And Design The Way You Want To Live